Sending large example documents

When trying to troubleshoot problems it is often helpful for a user to send us a document. The best outcome is when it is possible to create a minimal example, zip it, and send it by email.

This is not always possible, and with typical documents running to hundreds of megabytes, it is not always possible to send directly via email at all. In this case, there are a number of options

Whatever service you use, if at all possible, please ensure that the copy remains available for some time. Nontrivial problems cannot just be resolved on the spot, we usually need to schedule time, and work properly on them. Unfortunately there have been cases in the past where a document is no longer available, and we have had to delay working on the problem even further to get a new copy of it.

  • If you use iCloud, please place it in a folder and share that folder with There are instructions on how to do that on Apple’s Website.
  • If you use Dropbox, please place it in the folder, and email us a shared link As described on Dropbox’s website.
  • Use Firefox Send. This is a great service, and it has the benefit of encrypting the data in transit, but the links expire. As we mentioned above, this can cause problems.