We’ve had an encouraging number of emails since releasing Texpad; thank you for them all, the requests for features are especially useful to us as we develop the product. A common theme amongst these requests has been Syntax Completion.

In response to these requests we will include Syntax Completion in version 1.1, our first update. Texpad will automatically suggest completions for LaTeX commands, it will automatically preserve indent, and it will insert a matching \end{} for any \begin{} tag.

In addition to this we are improving our character encoding support. Currently Texpad supports only UTF-8, however we will add an option to allow the user to choose to load and save in any major character encoding. We would, however, encourage all users to work with UTF-8; as a character set that supports all alphabets and languages it is truly universal, and due to this portability it is fast becoming a de facto standard for text files.

If any of the syntax completion features aren’t to your taste, don’t worry, they can all be disabled via menu items. The App Store approval process is hard to predict, but we expect Texpad 1.1 to be released two weeks from now.