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LaTeX Re-imagined. Live.
Beautifully crafted apps
Live Typesetting
Aids for writing LaTeX
Intuitive UI and workflow
With apps hand-crafted to suit the operating system they run on, you're guaranteed a full writing experience.
With syntax highlighting editor, an integrated PDF viewer to view the output of your LaTeX and markdown source and a lean, live typesetter to render the PDF as you type, Texifier is LaTeX done right!
Available for macOS, iOS and soon on Windows
Texifier macOS
Try out the fastest and most pleasurable way to write LaTeX documents on your Mac.
Texifier iOS
Get the best LaTeX environment for your iPad and iPhone.
Texifier Windows
Experience the best academic writing experience on your Windows computer.
Coming soon!
Writing and Typesetting Made Easy
An editor that aids writing and a typeset system that is responsive make writing complex documents a joy.
Smart Editing
Write smartly with Texifier's syntax-highlighting editor and has autocomplete help for LaTeX comands, removing the need to remember them all!
In-built PDF Viewer
A PDF viewer is inbuilt and custom-designed to render the LaTeX output.
Support for dark mode in the PDF for consistent experience across the app.
Navigate the PDF easily as you type.
Scroll-lock helps scroll the editor and the PDF viewer together.
The Sidebar
Navigate your document and see its overview in a single place
Document Structure
The table of contents and other information extracted from complex documents and presented in a way that's easy to navigate.
Project Files
All subfiles, images and other files included in your documents are listed for a quick overview.
Easily remember the incomplete sections by placing TODO tags in your document that you can jumpt to from the sidebar.
File Browser
See other files and images stored in the local director and drag and drop them to include in your documents.
LaTeX Error List
Errors are parsed out of your LaTeX source and presented as a list. The full log is also shown.
Powerful Search
Search the entire document at once including subfiles when included.
Full Support for Dark Mode (macOS)
...and much, much more!
Explore some of the features below...
PDF Viewer
PDF Viewer
Tag Search
Editor Settings
Symbols Table
PDF Viewer Page Grid
File Browser
Filtered Document Outline
Text Search
Text Search, Dark Mode
Project Subfiles
Managing LaTeX Bundles