The most complete LaTeX environment on iOS with on-board typesetting, PDF viewer & file syncing.
Projects of all sizes
Simply open your main LaTeX file and let Texifier load your full project, including sub-files, bibliographies and stylesheets therein.
Syntax-Highlighting Editor
Texifier's editor is LaTeX and BibTeX aware and highlights your code to make it easy to write it. Bundled with Texifier are a number of themes that allow you to change the look of the editor. In addition to syntax highlighting, you can block comment/un-comment, block indent/un-indent and spell-check as you type.
Use the magic of auto-complete to write faster and with fewer LaTeX errors. Texifier autocompletes all common TeX commands and autofills \ref and \cite commands with the labels and cite keys defined elsewhere in your document.
Clean workspace
Texifier keeps your workspace uncluttered by hiding the intermediate files and allows setting various LaTeX and BibTeX options, all through a simple settings interface.
Quick LaTeX Reference
Texifier's autocomplete window also acts a quick reference on LaTeX commands, as well as showing you context information on all labels and citation keys.
Live Typesetting
Texifier's live typesetter TexpadTeX renders the PDF output from your LaTeX source code as you type.
Troubleshooting LaTeX errors made easy
Texifier simplifies LaTeX's cryptic error logs by presenting a simple, navigable list of errors that you can jump to, fix, and carry on writing.
Integrated PDF viewer
Quickly switching to PDF after typesetting lends to a smooth workflow, where the editor and the output work in tandem.
LaTeX/PDF synchronisation
Never lose track of where you are in a large project by synchronising between the document outline, the editor and the PDF viewer.
Multi-lingual Interface
Thanks to the wonderful help of Texifier users, Texifier is now localised into languages other than English, with more languages being added This is just the beginning, and soon we'll be adding more languages. If you wish for Texifier to be talking your language and have a few hours to spare, please be in touch with us.
Markdown support
Markdown is treated at equal footing as LaTeX, with PDF output as well as document outline.
Document Outline
Outline view makes Texifier perfect for large documents. When you open a LaTeX file in Texifier, it will scan through to find document sections across all your files and list them in a table so you can jump to a section quickly.
Global Search
The Global Search and Replace feature presents all instances of your search text in the source that you can readily jump to and forth between. This is particularly useful for large, multi-file projects such as theses, lecture notes and books.
The outline also lists any TODOs you've entered in the code as reminders, providing quick and easy access to them.
On-board Live LaTeX Typesetting
Typeset your documents offline, from those using BibTeX, to TikZ to beamer.
LaTeX Bundle Manager
Download LaTeX packages as you need them. Build a custom set of packages to suit your needs over time without taking up precious disk space unnecessarily.
For those rare occasions when you need an obscure package not supported locally, you can use our free cloud servers to typeset with a full TeXLive distribution.
Access your files via Files app
Open all your local and cloud files accessible via Files app.
Along with all the standard iOS gestures, use a handy two-finger scroll to move quickly around your LaTeX.
Share your projects, LaTeX source and PDFs right from within Texifier.