The iPad Pro has been a great success with our user base. The larger screen, semi-permanent keyboard and faster processor make it perfect for editing LaTeX, either full time, or on the go. Today’s 1.7.7 update improves the editing experience for all users, but focussing on optimisations when typing with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Most noticeable is the new keyboard/editor combination. This is faster, more robust and more in line with other iOS apps. The features of the old Magic Keyboard’s extra panes have not been lost, they have been distributed into a new key strip along the top of the editor, and into dropdowns on the toolbar. This makes them accessible for all users, including iPhone and Keyboard users, and the new symbols dropdown is much faster to navigate than the old keyboard pane.

In addition to this there have been a number of performance & memory improvements. As well as general maintenance fixes, these solve some issues that appeared during the iOS 10 transition, speed up all aspects of Texpad.

Although unrelated to this update, in the last week we switched to a new server for Cloud Typesetting. This has resulted in up to a tenfold increase when typesetting, and the installed TexLive distribution has been updated.