Apple has just cleared our first update, Texpad 1.1, for sale. Texpad 1.1 introduces support for all major character encodings, and autocompletion of LaTeX commands.

After Version 1.1 comes Version 1.2, which we are putting the finishing touches to right now. It focusses on improved BibTeX support, XeLaTeX, and further work on autocompletion.

BibTeX files appear in the outline view alongside the rest of your project, and the autocomplete engine hunts through these files to offer them as completions to any \cite command. Similarly any tags found in \label commands will be offered as completions to any \ref command.

XeLaTeX is offered as a third option for typesetting, and the BibTeX command has been joined by a MakeIndex command. We hope that Texpad 1.2 will arrive on the AppStore around ten days from now.

Autocomplete is a matter of taste, and if it is not to your taste you can turn it off in the preferences menu.