Texpad 1.9.6 has finished rolling out now to all users. This means that

  • Texpad macOS has compatibility fixes for macOS Monterey
  • Texpad iOS is tested and is compatible with iOS 15

The main feature is that it now contains a native M1 binary on macOS.

You no longer require Rosetta 2 to run Texpad on M1 macs, which should improve performance and battery life for those with an M1 mac.

Texpad ships as a combined Intel/M1 binary, so it is fully useable on Intel machines, and we intend to continue doing this for as long as it is pragmatically possible with the development tools. Aside from that there are a number of stability fixes for both platforms, detailed in the release notes. We are currently working on the autocomplete system for the Texpad’s feature update, and we’ll post further news on this when it is ready.

See release notes apps/release-notes/macos/1.9.6 and apps/release-notes/ios/1.9.6 for more on precise fixes made in both version.