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Privacy and Security
We charge for Texifier and for the services we provide around it. We do not use user data to monetise our users as we do not consider the users to be our product. We handle your data with care and only ever use to communicate with you and for authenticating that you are the licence or the service payee. Our own account data is stored along with your data and we do everything in our power to prevent its abuse.

1. General Statements

We do not collect user emails address or any other personal data for any purposes other than keeping a record of their purchases.
Any test files you send us for testing or for reproducing a problem with our products are handle with confidentiality and are deleted after the reported problem has been investigated.

2. Customer Support System

User conversations are kept private by us. We use a service called tenderapp that ensures customer conversations are dealt with efficiently.
When an email is sent to us, our email support system creates an internal thread for it. When we reply, a link to the private online conversation is sent back to the user. When you click on it, the tenderapp service remembers it by using cookies in your Internet browser and you're the only person who can see the conversation: then and when you revisit.
We never put people's data (the email addresses, the email signatures, etc) online.
We use the conversation to engage personally with each customer who gets in touch, log their issue and keep them abreast of the progress being made on their feedback.
When we do learn from our interactions with customers, we often write an article (in public domain) for the wider audience on our Knowledge Base. Such an article would have no direct reference to the original emails.

3. Use of Customer Feedback

In addition to processing of customer emails by our support system, we use the feedback to record technical issues for use in future enhancements and fixes to our products.

4. Use of Cookies

Cookie are small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from a web site's computers and stored on your computer's hard drive.
We use cookies to store current session information, but do not use permanent cookies.

5. Storing of Machine Data by the Licensing System

When a Texifier licence is used on a computer by the licence holder, a small amount of information is stored (an encrypted serial number that cannot be translated into the actual serial number, the machine name as set by the user, the Operating System version, and the Texifier build number). These are only ever used by the licensing system to enforce the licensing policy. The precise information collected may change for time to time as we develop the system.
Please note that in order to ensure that you have the right to use Texifier, the licensing system will periodically need to contact the Texifier licensing server with this information.

6. Personal Information Provided in Account Settings

You may add and update certain personal information in your account settings's profile page. Access to this data may be further restircted by you via the privacy settings page. Please note that this data is never shared by us with anyone, nor is it used for monetisation in any way. Furthermore, any future public profile pages that intend to carry this information will seek your explicit permission before displaying it.

7. Closing online accounts

  • Online accounts are closed on user's written request. This process is done manually and is not reversible.
  • We keep a record of user email for all direct purchases on the website This is necessary to support the licence and its use on user's current and future computers. Deleting such user data will result invalidate the purchased licence, and by requesting for such deletion, a user will be consent for their purchase to be invalid. No refunds will be given in these situations.
  • Licence holders that have a full account may request for their account to be deleted. Their accounts will be deleted but the purchase record will be kept in order to validate their licence. The preceding point will apply to deletion of this purchase data.

8. Automated updates

Texifier macOS has an automated update system that contacts the update server on each boot to find out if there is a need to update. Currently this stores no information, but this may change in future to ensure that you are offered the corect update for your operating system.
Data security may be of concern to users at following points during their interaction with the products and services provided to them by us.

1. Cloud Typesetter

Data processed by the cloud typesetter is sent and received over secure HTTP connection. It remains anonymous and is deleted from our servers as soon typesetting is completed.

2. Customer Login

Login and other account details provided by users when signing up for products and services on are stored in secure, backed-up database.
Updates to Policies
Valletta Ventures may periodically update its privacy and security policies. Any changes that affect registered users will be announced on this website as well as via an email notification to affected users.
Any questions about our policies should be addressed to