Texpad Connect synchronises entire LaTeX projects in realtime between both your devices, and those of your collaborators. Best of all it is built into our native Desktop and iOS editors so you get the polish and refinement of a native application alongside the convenience of a web application. Watch the video below, or download Texpad to try out the free plan now.

Few papers are written in isolation, and Texpad Connect is there to eliminate the pain from collaboration. Simply a collaborator to your project to synchronise it with them, and allow them to make edits. Texpad Connect can also be used to keep a document synchronised across your devices. Close your project on your office desktop, and it will be ready where you left off on your iPhone on the train home. With Texpad Connect there is no need to pull, merge, commit and push when making those late night edits on your laptop. Make your changes, flick the lid shut and they will be waiting for you when you get back to your office in the morning.

Texpad Connect will synchronise your documents in realtime, so that two people can work on the same file, or even paragraph, concurrently. If it can’t connect, or you choose to work on your document in isolation, Texpad Connect’s offline mode will queue the changes, synchronising them with the document the next time you are online.

Over the next couple of months we will be rolling out progressive upgrades to Texpad Connect:

  • Web editor A javascript implementation of the Texpad Connect client, extending live synchronisation to our web app.

  • Texpad Library Texpad Library will use the same synchronisation technology to keep your PDFs in sync across your devices, and optionally those of your collaborators. Best of all, this will be built into the editor and it will work with Texpad’s current BibTeX autofill. Finding and managing your papers will be part of the same workflow as writing them is.

  • Publish with Texpad Soon we will be introducing the concept of public projects and published projects in addition to the current private projects. Public projects will be similar to Github’s public repositories. Published projects will allow you to keep the source private, but publish the resulting PDF to the world through our beautiful web interface.

  • Change tracking and Version Control Texpad Connect already stores a full history of your document. We are working on an intuitive interface to put this information at your fingertips, allowing you to browse versions and attribute any and all changes to a specific collaborator.

Early next year, once Texpad Connect has been through these initial iterations, we are planning to make the client layer available through the Texpad Connect API so that other apps can take advantage of Texpad Connect’s synchronisation service. If you are interested in this, or want further information about anything Texpad related, get in touch at support@vallettaventures.com.