Starting from early October 2015, Texpad and a slew of other apps have been experiencing download problems in the App Store. This appears to have coincided with the release of El Capitan (macOS 10.11), but there’s currently no way for us to verify that. Indeed, there is no official statement on this from Apple – there’s no acknowledgement of the problem nor is there a planned solution.

We have been inundated with emails from customers who have failed to download Texpad after repeated attempts in the past two weeks. This includes customers who have tried to restore an old purchase as well as those who purchased recently (it would appear that Apple’s payment system is not affected by the problem, just the system that governs the delivery of the app after a successful payment). Apple’s support forums are full of complaints about broken downloads for apps including Texpad, see here, here, here, here and here.

We have spent the better part of each day for the last two weeks trying to get Apple to do something about it, but have had no luck. Apple do not share users’ payment data or even an email address with us, so there’s nothing we can do to check users’ iTunes account and verify the transaction. Apple are the only party who can do that.

In light of it all, the following is the best we can recommend to our users at this stage:

New users: We urge all new customers to purchase the app directly from us. This way you will be able to download the latest version right away, start using it and if you encounter any problems (the latest version has none and is stable), we’ll be able to fix them directly.

Users with existing purchases: As for existing users, Apple have asked end users to get in touch with them directly quoting our app’s name and ID 458866234. You can write to Apple at

If you do write to Apple, please email us your case ID, so we can log it centrally. If you have purchased recently, you can ask for a refund and then purchase directly from us.

Direct purchases from our web store: None of the above affects users who purchased directly from us. We have done and will always do our best to resolve the problems of direct purchases in a timely manner.


16 Oct 2015: It appears that at least some App Store app downloads are now working. This has been tested by us on 3 computers with different macOS versions and across two geographical locations (Japan and Europe). Please try to download again before emailing us.

10 Dec 2015: This issue appears to resurface still occasionally. Once again, we’re unable to fix the download issues, so please contact Apple. (Please see this Apple support page for more: .)