Texifier iOS 1.9.17

Release notes for 1.9.13

  • An improved dynamic algorithm for calculating typeset process
  • Various stability improvements
  • Various bug fixes
    • Fixed \subfileinclude
    • Toolbar tab colours
    • Fix for virtual fonts
    • Right click and “search with google” doesn’t work in the editor
    • Fixed the image view to correctly follow colours
    • Glossaries detection improved
    • Fixed the issue to moving the selected text to global search upon Cmd-Shift-F
    • Bug with multiple selection bars in the sidebar fixed when a \section is empty
    • Further commands added to the autocomplete database (mathtools and others)
    • Issue with nomencl fixed
    • Fix for the zip writing code
    • Fix for autosense with dvipdfmx and ptex
    • Fix for errors showing in the margin of the wrong files
  • Fixed the issue where in the non-sandboxed version, cloud typeset erroneously checked for local TeX distribution

Series 1.9.14 to 1.9.17 further addresses reported stability issues.