Texifier macOS download problems in the Mac App Store
This article concerns the

Since 2016, we have received occasional emails from users having trouble downloading Texifier macOS from the Apple App Store. This includes both new users downloading for the first time, as well as long time users re-downloading Texifier.

This is a problem with the App Store download system, and it has been reported for a number of other apps. It appears to be due to the fact that the App Store tracks and knows the presence of all other copies of the app on your system and will refuse to complete the download if it finds another copy of the app on the machine. There is nothing we can directly do to fix that as Apple runs the App Store download system, but there does seem to be a workaround

  • Quit the App Store application, and any copies of Texifier that may be running
  • Delete all copies of Texifier from the /Applications folder as well as from your machine as their presence will interfere with the download and may lead to a partial download of the app or the app disappearing after a successful download.
  • Open the Terminal application. You can find this in the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder
  • In Terminal type open $TMPDIR/../C and press Enter
  • Delete the com.apple.appstore folder, and empty your Trash
  • Restart your computer (this deletes any caches that may stop App Store app from downloading Texifier)
  • Reboot the App Store application, and retry the download

So far this has solved the problem quite reliably, but if it does not work, please contact Apple Support.

Note that if it does not work the first time, you may have to try a few times. We apologise but this is out of control and remains the only way to provide the latest version to App Store users.

What do I do if I cannot see Texifier in the list of my purchased apps:

A few tips in this case would be,

  • Please make sure you’ve logged into your App Store account and if you have multiple accounts with Apple, it is the one you used to buy Texifier.
  • Another user in this situation has reported that in order to see Texifier in the list, they had to go to the click on the “Account” link in the Mac App Store. Then under Manage, they had to Unhide apps. Texifier then became visible to install.