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To begin editing a document or project, drag the root LaTeX file to the Texifier icon. The outline view on the left of the editor window that appears will show the document structure similar to LaTeX’s table of contents. Texifier will traverse the root file, hunting for included files and incorporating them in the outline view. Clicking on this outline view table will allow you to navigate your entire project.

When you are finished editing, click the Typeset button on the menu bar and Texifier will pass your source to the LaTeX distribution to typeset. You may choose between pdfLaTeX and LaTeX/dvipdf in the Typesetting Engine Preferences. Please note that Texifier relies on an underlying TeX distribution such as MacTex www.tug.org/mactex, a packaging of TexLive for macOS.

When typesetting is finished a pane will appear to the right of the editor pane. If the typesetting was clean it will show the resulting PDF, if not it will display an error list. Clicking on these errors will jump to and highlighting the offending line in the editor.

Texifier is SyncTeX-aware, so if your TeX distribution supports SyncTeX, clicking the pdf will highlight the corresponding LaTeX source. Likewise, clicking on the document structure will jump to the corresponding point in both the LaTeX source and the PDF view.