Texifier macOS 1.8.0

Texpad 1.8.0 (365)

Fri 23 Feb 2018 12:07:03 GMT

There have been too many bugfixes, cleanups, and internal improvements to list everthing here, but the most visible changes in Texpad 1.8 are:

Redesigned UI

The first thing you will notice is the fresh UI. The new look sidebar now houses the outline, file browser, search, typeset output, todo list and Texpad Connect information in a single tabbed view. The popovers used in the Texpad 1.7 series were ephemeral, which made it difficult to use information contained by them whilst working. Now you can keep your search results, typeset errors, etc visible in the sidebar whilst you work on the document.

The PDF and Editor bars have been moved in line with the outline’s tab bar, and streamlined. This has made space for new features such as open in finder and path view on those bars. The per-project typeset configuration has also been redesigned, once again replacing an ephemeral popover with a fuller configuration sheet.

Many other aspects such as the welcome screen, preferences, about screen have been overhauled.

Live Typeset

Texpad is now bundled with TexpadTeX, an integrated version of LaTeX and Plain TeX that typesets documents in realtime as you type. Your document will update in the viewer continuously and near-instantaneously. Aside from vastly speeding up the type/edit cycle with your document, this lets you catch errors much quicker as they appear in the margin of the editor as soon as you make them.

TexpadTeX does not support all documents quite yet, for instance, we are still working on fontspec and hyperref. In these cases, Texpad will automatically switch out of Live mode to use an installed MacTeX installation, which is of course still available as before simply by flicking the switch.

Texpad Connect

Texpad Connect has been reengineered to be more useable and robust. Please try out the free plan by logging into texifier.com. There is simply no better way to collaborate on LaTeX documents. It’s especially fun to combine Texpad Connect with Live Typeset to see text being typed on one computer and appear on the PDF on another!

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here