Importing files
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Texifier Connect classifies files into two different groups and deals with each separately

  • Text files - TeX, BibTeX, markdown, etc. These are synchronised live. You will see your collaborators changes on your screen, and any changes will be merged by the system.
  • Asset files - images or other data files. These are synchronised as a whole. changing the file will cause the entire file to be uploaded and synchronised with all collaborating devices.

Both classes of files are created and imported identically. On entry to the system Texifier will classify the files according to the file extension. If in doubt they will be treated as Asset files.

To import a file when working with a TPC document, please choose the files pane and drag the file onto it to start the import. They will be uploaded to the server and synchronised with all other connected devices. To create a file press the + button.