External local and cloud typesetters


Texifier macOS is designed to handle multiple installations. These may be selected for the active typesetting via the Preferences’ Distribution pane.


Texifier iOS comes with our own implementation of LaTeX compiler. We term it TexpadTeX. The full LaTeX typesetting system is a complex system and TexpadTeX is actively being developed to rival other well-established implementations. It is currently capable of typesetting a large class of LaTeX, plain TeX and ConTeXt documents as well as supports bibliography compilation via in-built BibTeX engine. One of its strengths is that its modular. The bundled set of packages is the minimal required for basic typesetting needs. As more capability is needed, extra bundles may be downloaded to grow the system. This ensures optimal use of space on user’s device. In future, we plan to include this with Texifier macOS as one of the available distributions, thus removing the need for above downloads.