Texifier macOS 1.7.42

Texpad 1.7.42 (193)

Wed 3 May 2017 16:52:52 BST

  • Pdf Viewer additions

    • Clickable weblinks
    • Added zoom to fit option
    • Non continuous individual page view
  • Fixes for

    • Problem with toolbar drawing on Mavericks
    • Placeholders with autocomplete when hanging indent is turned on
    • Viewer holding position under resize
    • Autosense for documents containing Japanese characters with LuaTeX and ljts classes
    • Outline parsing ignores anything beyond \end{document}
    • Premature line wrapping after 12 tabs
    • Backspace with 1-space tab key setting
    • Smart typeset running more times than necessary with an \inputed subfile
    • Autosense fix for dad package
    • Autosense with microtype
    • Support for file loading with \cvsection command

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