Organiser in Texifier iOS
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On Texifier iOS, it is the first window you will see when you tap on Texifier’s icon to open it for the first time. On your iPad, you will see the following screen,


While on an iPhone or an iPod Touch, it looks like as follows


The first tab is named ‘Organiser’ and when using a hardware keyboard, it can also be switched to using the key Cmd-Shift-1.

The toolbar in this pane contains the following buttons for easy access to certain app-wide functions,

Creating New Documents

The Create button is a shortcut for quickly creating a new project to work on.


Edit Recent Documents’ List

The Edit button will present an editable view of the recent documents’s list apps/organiser/ios/recent-documents , allowing you to select one or more thumbnails and remove them from the list if you so wish,


Note that this does not delete the file from its source location. It simply removes the record of it from the Recent Document’s list.


The app may be customised via the Preferences button .


Quick Guide & Help

A quick guide and links to these documentation pages pages may be accessed by tapping the ‘Help’ button .

Version Info

Tapping on the info icon will bring version information about your copy of Texifier iOS. This may be necessary to know if you’re up-to-date with our releases and quoting the precise version number in your communications with us.

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