Texifier macOS 1.8.7

Mon 12 Nov 2018 21:09:06 GMT

  • Texpad Error log file size has been capped to avoid excessive disk usage
  • Better error status returns for licensing system
  • Linux libertine fonts now available in TexpadTeX
  • Bugfixes for
    • Issue with live typeset where it would not update after an error
    • Printing of extra blank pages
    • Printing of badly-sized pages
    • Autosense with latexgit package
    • Crashes on Mojave
    • Autocomplete replacing textsc with textit
    • Problem where pressing escape with Cmd-F does not bring the focus back to the editor
    • Tabs not restoring to the correct files after rebooting
    • TexpadTeX font loading using scaled modifier on \font command
  • Performance improvements
    • For live typeset when typeset fails
    • For window resizing
    • For live typeset when the cursor is mid macro expansion (common with beamer, amsmath align, etc)
  • Mojave dark mode fixes
    • latex palette window
    • Custom \newcommand and \DeclareMathOperator autocomplete window
    • Mode change warning when switching away from TexpadTeX

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here