Texifier iOS 1.9.7

The focus of this update is an overhaul for Autocomplete. In particular it has

  • A visual overhaul for the Autocomplete popover
  • Improved positioning of the Autocomplete popover as you type
  • Support for keyboard keys on devices with a bluetooth attached that support it (e.g. Up/Down to select, Tab/Enter to insert)
  • Support for autocomplete on iPhones and iPods
  • Many internal changes to fix bugs and prepare Texpad for further editor improvements in coming versions

Some minor features added are

  • tabularx support in the outline view
  • Syntax highlighting for lilypond environment

As well as that there are fixes for

  • Image refresh with TexpadTeX when there are external changes
  • Crashes that can occur in rare cases when clicking the sidebar
  • HSB colours in TexpadTeX
  • Camera import
  • A crash with certain TikZ documents