Texifier macOS 1.7.0

Texpad 1.7 is our biggest update yet, in fact is more a new app than it is an update. We hope you like it, and as always, if you have any feedback, please let us know at support@vallettaventures.com.


Typesetting has been rewritten, streamlined and upgraded. CMD-B, CMD-I, CMD-L etc. have been dropped in favour of a single CMD-T, which should do the right thing in every situation, if it does not, we consider that a bug and we would like to hear about. That said, the auto-sense can be overridden and Texpad’s typesetting is more configurable than ever before. Additionally native support has been added for Sweave, Knitr, Plain TeX, ConteXt, etc.

  • Automation
    • Typeset configuration deduced from your document including but not limited to indices(including glossaries, acronyms, etc.), shell escape, bibliography, Knitr, Plain TeX, BibTeX/Biber.
    • Texpad’s new Smart typesetting drops unnecessary typeset runs, which greatly speeds up typesetting.
    • Auto-Typeset uses the smart typesetter to update bibliographies and indices without losing any performance.
  • New Typesetter UI
    • New configuration dropdown exposes the full typeset configuration per-document if you wish to override the Automatic typesetter.
    • The errors and log have been moved to a toolbar dropdown to stop them interfering with your PDF view, and we have added an indicator of typeset status on the toolbar itself.
  • In addition to LaTeX, there is now builtin support for
    • Knitr/Sweave
    • Context
    • Plain TeX
  • There is no need to save a document before typesetting. Paste a snippet of TeX into a new window, and typeset to a PDF without ever having to save it to disk.


  • Edit multiple files side by side in the new tabbed editor.

  • The new look toolbar is now collapsible, saving valuable screenspace on small laptops.

  • New wrapping modes for the editor

    • Hanging indent
    • 80 character hardwrap
  • New syntax highlighter

    • Fixes many issues with old highlighter such as dollar signs in begin/end verbatim.
    • Adds highlighting support for inline R, Sweave, Python, Lua, Haskell.
    • Highlighting support for R files from within Texpad.
  • Spellcheck is LaTeX aware. LaTeX commands are now ignored by the Spell checker.

  • New outline view

    • Document information displayed in the outline, e.g. Word Count.
    • Updates much faster than the 1.6.x outline.
    • In addition to original document structure view, there are now lists of Labels, Figures, Tables in the outline.
    • You can reference any outline item in your document by dragging and dropping it onto the editor.
    • Browse and manipulate project files from the outline.
    • The cursor position is indicated in realtime in the outline - you never need get lost again.
  • Window configuration is persisted, your documents will pick up just as you left them.

  • Share button on the toolbar, email a zip of your entire project directly from Texpad.

  • Global Search

    • The Global search results have been moved to a dropdown to stop them interfering with your PDF view, and we refreshed the UI.
    • Regex support has been added to the global search.
  • Jump to (new)

    • CMD-SHIFT-O will open the new jumpto window, type part of label, file, section, citation name and Texpad will jump the editor straight there.

PDF view

  • New PDF toolbar
    • Zoom buttons have moved to the toolbar, and you can now click the percentage to alter it manually.
    • Page count added to the toolbar.
  • If you have an external screen, click the monitor icon, choose the screen and your PDF will be displayed on that external monitor.
  • Synctex Lock: turn this on and the editor and PDF will scroll as one.


  • New clearer, preferences window.
  • New organiser window.
  • External changes are handled more smoothly now.