Texifier macOS 1.7.39

Texpad 1.7.39 (162)

  • Fix for

    • Problem that could cause non-.tex files to have their extensions changed to .tex when the file was changed externally
    • Problem with updater that causes it to unnecessarily ask for the password during updates
    • Regex case sensitivity
    • Fix for BibTeX autocomplete when using the bibtex concatenation operator #
    • Lag in pdf view with certain vectorial images
    • Problem with the new toolbar that could make it impossible to open up the global search window
    • Problem introduced in a Sierra update that meant the Jump to window would not dismiss with the escape key
    • Tpbuild scripts not selectable in the typeset config dropdown
    • Bibliography compilation for tex files with multiple periods in the filename
    • LuaLaTeX autosense
    • Problem introduced in early 1.7.39 build that could cause the pdf to fail to update on pages with large vector graphs
    • Typeset for autosense so that \tikzexternalize triggers the shell escape option

    Auto-update from within Texpad or download here.