Organiser Hotkeys
This article concerns the

Most features in the Organiser may also be accessed using key combinations or hotkeys on your physical keyboard. Pressing the key on your keyboard will bring up a little table with the list of keys that is currently supported,


We ensure that this table carries a self-explanatory description of each key combination, but here is a little more detail of each:

Key Combination Action
Cmd-1Cmd-9 These combinations will allow you to quickly open the 9 most recent documents in the list, with Cmd-1 representing the last document you opened in Texifier.
For practical reasons, these keys are limited to a maximum of 9 recent documents, in order to keep the key combination Cmd-X easily type-able.
Cmd-n Create a new document
Cmd-, Open Preferences to change app-wide settings.
Cmd-? Open the Help screen.
Cmd-i Open the Info screen.
Cmd-Shift-1 & Cmd-Shift-2 These allow you to switch between the two panes of Organiser and Documents.