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Key combination Explanation
Cmd-L Automatically typeset using the correct engine.
Cmd-T Typeset using just LaTeX.
Cmd-B Typeset and run BibTeX.
Cmd-I Typeset and run MakeIndex.
Shift-Cmd-I Typeset and run BibTeX followed by MakeIndex.
Cmd-K Delete the temporary directory with intermediate files produced during a typeset.
Cmd-. Abort a typeset operation.
Cmd-/ Comment the selected block of LaTeX source.
Cmd-/ Un-comment the selected block of LaTeX source.
Cmd-1 Toggle the outline view.
Cmd-2 Show only the editor and not the output.
Cmd-3 Show both the editor and the output side-by-side.
Cmd-4 Show the output (PDF) only.
Cmd-J Switch the focus between the editor and the output pane.
Cmd-8 Show the PDF in the output pane, when available.
Cmd-9 Show the error log in the output pane, when there are errors or warnings.
Shift-Cmd-= PDF zoom in. (Also works with Cmd-=.)
Shift-Cmd-- PDF zoom out.
Cmd-R Reveal PDF in Finder.
Cmd-E Email PDF.
Shift-Cmd-F Global Search.

Note that in the above, Cmd-X means simultaneously pressing the command key and the key X.