Texifier macOS 1.8.5

Tue 17 Jul 2018 10:53:51 CEST

  • Added native Unicode mode to TexpadTeX, allowing support for Native Fonts
  • Further LaTeX package support in TexpadTeX
    • fontspec
    • mathspec
    • pdfpages
    • hyperref
  • Fixes for
    • Dots on the PDF viewer
    • PDF-Editor synchronisation with both live and external typesetters
    • TexpadTeX
      • filenames containing non-ASCII characters
      • problem with TexpadTeX where characters could be temporarily hidden in the output
      • problem with TexpadTeX where custom font parameters could be zeroed
      • the page option in includegraphics when used with a PDF
    • TexpadTeX bibliography compilation
      • bug where the first typeset would work, but later runs could fail
      • bibliographies containing non-ASCII characters now work
      • filenames with spaces and non-ASCII characters
    • a crash when closing the app
    • displaying (null) in the autocomplete info view

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