Texifier macOS 1.8.6

Fri 14 Sep 2018 11:55:43 BST

1.8.6 adds full support for macOS Mojave, improves the workflow, and fixes a number of bugs.

  • Mojave compatibility
    • Full support for Mojave’s Dark Mode
    • Bugfixes for incompatibilities introduced with Mojave, for example the toolbar issue.
  • Minor improvements
    • Added option for German Ordering in the makeindex options
    • Placeholder added for PDF viewer
    • Automated TexpadTeX switch off with problem packages
    • Cleanup of some unused preferences options
  • Fix for
    • Autotypeset bug where it would not start with unsaved documents
    • Viewer bugs
      • Where it jumps when adding a page to a document
      • Where it starts at the bottom of a large pdf the first time open it
      • That could cause the viewer to flash when using Live Typeset
      • Back/forward buttons in single page mode
      • Viewer would jump to the start of the document when switching between continous and non-continous page modes
      • Viewer could change focus after a TexpadTeX caching run
    • Bug where Texpad could hang when importing a document to Texpad Connect
    • Bug where Texpad may not reopen a document and/or hang on CMD-Q
    • Bug where Texpad could try to create a PDF from a bib file
    • Bug where Texpad would seem to be constantly analysing a document after open
    • Occasional crash with live typeset
    • Occasional crash when shutting down
    • Bug where Texpad’s autocomplete would not show a cite keys containing + symbols

Auto-update from within Texpad or download here