Finding crash reports
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In an event of a crash in the app, we will often request a crash report along with a description of the circumstances that led to the crash, such as the task being carried out by the user at the time of the crash, or steps that may lead to the crash in a reproducible manner.

Crash Reports contain information about the exact point in the execution of the app when the crash occurred. Often, but not always, they help us hone in on the precise reason for the crash and speed up a fix.

To retrieve the report after a crash, go to the following location on your computer,


You can open this folder by running the command open ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports in the Terminal app, or use menu option Go Go to Folder… in Finder.

Look for files starting with Texifier_ in this folder carrying a .crash extension and send them to us. These files do not contain any of your personal data.

Note that crash reports help diagnose a crash. For performance issues, such as slowdowns or a hang, a spindump is a more appropriate tool. Please see here for more information on spindumps.