The Project Toolbar
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The toolbar is designed minimally to aid your workflow without cluttering the screen. It is your quick access to many of the common functions. The typeset may be triggered and configured right from here. The outline, the editor and the PDF panes may be shown and hidden from here. You can search the whole project as well as view any outstanding typeset issues. The share button allows you to email or export the LaTeX source or the PDF with ease.


The buttons and controls on this toolbar are described below.

Control Function
Typeset Pressing this will button will set in motion the typesetting process. A spinning wheel in this button indicates that a typeset operation is in progress. A second-click on the spinning wheel will abort the typesetting. This button may be indirectly pressed by selecting a typesetter from the Typeset menu or an associated hotkey.
Typeset Chain A brief description of the current typeset chain along with a dropdown arrow that opens the full typeset configuration.
Typeset Issues A dropdown view for outstanding errors in your source code along with the full typeset log.
Share A dropdown view with options for emailing or exporting your project contents.
Sidebar Shows/Hides the project Sidebar to the left of the editor pane.
View Pressing the view buttons will change the arrangement of the editor between Editor only, Editor and Output, and Output only respectively.
Backward/Forward Arrows Jump to previous and next locations during the navigation of your document. These apply to the current tab.