Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following are some frequently asked questions by Texifier users.

Is there a Student discount for Texifier?

We don’t offer an Educational discount as the majority of our users are attached to an educational institution, there are details here.

Is it possible to buy a single licence that covers both Texifier iOS/macOS

No, although the iOS and macOS apps are similar, the platforms are different. There is considerable time and effort to maintain each version of Texifier, adapting them for their host platforms. As such they are sold separately, and an iOS licence does not cover the macOS version, or vice versa.

Why do I not have the latest version of Texifier

It is possible that you notice there is a newer version of Texifier available than you have running, or are able to update to. This is usually because we roll versions of Texifier out progressively across the userbase, so it may be a few weeks before you are updated to the latest version.

If you are using an old operating system no longer receiving security support, it is possible we may no longer be offering updates for that system either. In that case, you would need to upgrade to a supported operating system. There are notes on old systems here.

Could I have multiple documents in a single Texifier window?

Only one root document can be open per window at a time, and we do not intend to allow this. This is because the toolbar contains a number of UI elements that correspond to a single root document, such as typeset button & configuration. If we were to allow multiple root documents per window, that would cease to be clear. Both macOS and iOS provide the ability to split the screen between windows, so this can be used when required.

I am a software reseller, would you like to work with us?

No, Texifier is only sold via the website, and Apple App Stores, we do not work with resellers.

I am getting encoding errors when opening or saving a document

There is a full article on this topic here.

Is there an Apple silicon (M1, M2, …) build of Texifier macOS?

Yes, Texifier macOS is distributed as a universal binary that contains code for both Intel as well as Apple silicon architectures. It does not run under Rosetta, but does so natively on Apple silicon. Please see this Apple documentation page for more information on universal binaries.