Texifier iOS 1.9.0

This update overhauls the Texpad iOS UI, as well as containing a large amount of work on the internals to improve performance and stability

Features added

  • Support for multiple windows and iOS multitasking
  • The sidebar has been reorganised into multiple panes, log and errors have been moved into it, tag search has been added, and global search options added
  • Command key support added across all parts of the app
  • File browser items and Organiser thumbnails show a context menu when long-pressed
  • New viewer rewritten in Metal for performance
  • Dark mode has been added across the app
  • iCloud items will start downloading the first time they appear in the browser
  • CSV is editable in Texpad, and importable to Texpad Connect

There are fixes for

  • Autosense with
    • breakurl
    • bidi
  • Live typeset
    • Problem with TexpadTeX where it could malfunction during accent creation
    • Crash when indexing with TexpadTeX
    • Transparency layers in PGF/Tikz
  • UI
    • Issue with hyperlinks in rare cases where they are specified as Fit in the PDF rather than XYZ
    • Jump of the viewer pane when a search result is clicked
    • Issue that caused the error pane to be unnecessarily shown after some typesets
    • Jump in text view when switching between tabs