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Texifier provides its own live syncing mechanism for collaborating across your different devices using Texifier, including Macs, iPads and iPhones as well as with other people.

Texifier Connect requires a valid texifier.com account, which may be created for free. See the full Texifier Connect section apps/connect for details of how to use it to sync your documents as well share them with your collaborators.

When editing a file your changes are relayed to your collaborators in real time. This allows two people to edit the same document at once and see the other’s changes live in their editor. To stop this and work offline, turn the synchronisation off as described in the platform specific section. When you turn synchronisation on, the changes will be synced with the server. The same happens when you work offline. Any changes will be queued and transmitted to the server when you reconnect, and from there to your collaborators.

The system will merge documents wherever possible, but if two people try to edit the same piece of text simultaneously, then it cannot merge these changes automatically, and you will be presented with a merge screen. You will see a merge screen where the parts of the document agreed upon by both collaborators will be in black and white, and the disputed sections will be highlighted in either blue or green depending on which user they originated with. Please edit the document, correcting these disputed passages and then press merge. At this point you will be working with a valid copy of the document again.

Turn live synchronisation on and off with the TPC sync switch at the top of the editor window.