Accessing beta (pre-release) versions of Texifier
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We periodically run betas to trial the next update before it is released to all users. This allows us to ensure that an update meets the quality requirements that users expect of Texifier. We appreciate your help in testing the betas and reporting back to us whether the new feature or bug fix meets your needs.

Please note that beta versions are pre-release versions and as such may only be used to test the app, usually a specific feature or a bug fix that you’ve requested and for which the beta aims to provide a fix.

Depending on the maturity, a beta version may be unstable and hence may not be used for everyday writing of your projects.

If you would like to be part of a future beta, please follow the instructions below.

The Windows variant of this article will be updated in due course. To try out Texifier for Windows before it is publicly released, please sign up for a beta.