Collecting performance data (spindump data) on Texifier macOS
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Spindump data is very useful when debugging sluggishness in Texifier. The spindump tool samples Texifier as you use it, recording where in the code the time is spent.

When writing to us about performance issues, please ensure you state the device you’re using, the operating system you’re running (version of macOS, Windows or iOS) and any other information about the environment Texifier runs in.

It is currently not possible to collect the spindump data on iOS from a user device.

Spindumps not currently collectable on iOS
If you’re having performance or memory consumptions problems with Texifier on iOS, please provide detailed description of the scenarios that lead to performance issues.

In addition, if the problem arises with a certain class of documents, please share a small example with us that demonstrates the problem and may help us reproduce the issue.

For more details on what to include in your report to us, please see apps/troubleshooting/support/reporting-problems .