Searching various locations of interest (tags) in your project
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Tag search is designed to find various locations of interest in your project and quickly navigate to them. This includes but is not limited to

  • Files
  • Figures
  • Citations
  • Section,
  • and more.

The starting point of this search is the Tag Search sub-pane in the search section of the Sidebar. You can also quickly bring this pane up by pressing the key combination Cmd-Shift-O.

Here you may simply type in the name of a section, a filename, a citation key, label key, or even a line number and the table below will display any partial or whole matches for that text fragment. Click on the result to jump to it.

Note that in Texifier’s documentation and in our support communication to you, this may occasionally be called the Jump To window as it helps you quickly jump to a tag.


Currently, you may use Cmd-Shift-O to bring up the Tag Search pane with the search field focused automatically to start typing the search term. Support for further hotkeys such as arrow keys to navigate the search table (like it is done in Texifier macOS) is soon coming to Texifier iOS.