Working with Outstanding TODOs in the Project
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TODOs are a great way of tracking what is left to finish in a document. In Texifier, these are listed in the Sidebar of the project’s workspace in a pane with icon .


There are two ways to add a TODO to this list.

  • Use a comment starting with todo: % todo ....
  • Or use package todonotes that provides a \todo command: \todo{...}.


An example document is given as follows.

Writing TODOs in Texifier


% todo add reference
% todo: add reference
\todo{Another task procrastinated.}
% TODO Finish this argument
% This is not a todo.
% TODO -- Finish this subargument


The TODOs pane

The sidebar pane carrying the icon icon displays the TODOs.

The Windows variant of this article will be updated in due course. To try out Texifier for Windows before it is publicly released, please sign up for a beta.