List of Errors and Warnings after a Typeset
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The Error List

Finding and fixing errors in your LaTeX source code couldn’t be easier in Texifier. Instead of exposing LaTeX’s sometimes cryptic console output, Texifier reads this for you and delivers it as a navigable list. This list may be found in the Issues tab of the typeset results pane in the Sidebar.

Each error displayed in the Error List table is categorised by their severity levels as shown below.

Icon Explanation
The red triangles indicate the issues that are essential for obtaining a full PDF out of your LaTeX source code.
Yellow triangles indicate LaTeX warnings, such as those concerning missing packages.
Green errors are the very low level errors to do with layout perfections. Most users would choose not to pay attention to these.

The level of detail you wish to see may be set in the Typesetting pane of the Preferences window.

If a typeset results in errors, the error list is automatically presented to you.

The Windows variant of this article will be updated in due course. To try out Texifier for Windows before it is publicly released, please sign up for a beta.